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Real Girl Manga Gets Special Chapter in March (2018-02-23 15:00:00)
Anime adaptation premieres in April
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Bisco Hatori's Behind the Scenes!! Manga Enters Final Arc (2018-02-23 14:00:00)
Manga by Ouran High School Host Club creator launched in 2014
[ More... ]

Doreiku Anime Casts Katsuyuki Konishi as Ataru (2018-02-23 13:00:00)
Survival game series premieres in April
[ More... ]

Fist of the Blue Sky Regenesis Anime Reveals Promo Video, Visuals (2018-02-23 12:30:00)
TV series premieres on April 9
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Fumikiri Jikan Anime Reveals Additional Cast, Theme Song Artist (2018-02-23 12:00:00)
Yuri Komagata joins cast, performs opening song; Kazuki Matsunaga, Yasuhiro Mamiya, more also join cast
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FuRyu's Caligula Overdose PS4 Game Reveals Promo Video, New Cast (2018-02-23 11:11:06)
Remake of original PS Vita game ships in Japan on May 17
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Fist of the Blue Sky Anime Premieres on April 2 on Amazon Prime (2018-02-23 11:00:00)
The April issue of Tokuma Shoten's Monthly Comic Zenon magazine revealed on Saturday that Fist of the Blue Sky Regenesis, the new television anime of Buronson,...
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Caligula TV Anime Reveals Promo Video, Visuals, Staff (2018-02-23 10:10:33)
Jun'ichi Wada directs April series at Satelight
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Osamu Eya, Kaiji Kawaguchi's Kūbo Ibuki Manga Gets Live-Action Film (2018-02-23 10:00:00)
Award-winning series centering on aircraft carrier debuted in 2014
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Cö shu Nie Performs Tokyo Ghoul:re Anime's Opening Theme Song (2018-02-23 09:00:00)
TV series premieres on April 3
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